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Event Planning

Planning is the key to any venture. Whether it’s a company’s annual gala or a bride planning a wedding, all would be lost and totally disorganized without careful, detailed preparation. An itinerary, invitations and catering, to name a few things, are needed when planning a special occasion – big or small. Smaller events may involve less planning, however, they still call for the same attention to detail.

Forevery Occasion is delighted to assist you in planning any event of any size. Some of the planning preparation services that we provide are:

  • Assistance in preparing a budget

  • Assistance in theme choices and creative ideas

  • Providing guidance with our knowledge of vendors and etiquette

  • Itinerary preparation

  • Checklist preparation

  • Scheduling and attending meetings with potential vendors

  • Confirm arrival time and final payment amount with all vendors

  • Consultation throughout the planning phase for your event (i.e. in person, phone and/or email communication)

  • Day of event coordinating

Forevery Occasion will customize a planning package that suits your needs. To discuss details of planning services catered to your needs please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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